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New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, software design company, Pittsburg, tri state, tri-state,  C#, C++, Asp.Net, .Net

Global Outsourcing Industry Converges on Jiangsu

Nearly 100 overseas companies from a range of countries, including the UK, the US and France gathered in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province on June 23, to attend the second China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference (CISOCC), reported Industry Updates. The following is an excerption of the original report.


Jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the Jiangsu provincial government, the CISOCC will run from June 23 to 24, said Zhao Xiaojiang, vice mayor of Nanjing, at a Beijing press conference prior to the event.


Zhao said: "The CISOCC event aims to provide a platform for both the Chinese and overseas service outsourcing industries to exchange opinions, compare experiences, discuss global outsourcing trends, and meet face-to-face with potential partners and clients.


"With global markets still hard hit by the ongoing financial crisis, more multinational companies and financial institutions are looking to outsource their business to less costly regions. This creates a real opportunity for Chinese outsourcing enterprises.


"The CISOCC provides a platform for these service sellers to meet and select their most reliable Chinese partners in order to lower their costs and maximize their profitability."


The 100 overseas companies in attendance will have the opportunity for individual meetings with representatives from more than 400 Chinese service-outsourcing companies. With outsourcing companies from 30 cities across China in attendance, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss possible cooperation in a number of fields, including information technology, animation, industry design, bio-medicine and financial services.


In addition to these matchmaking meetings, the CISOCC agenda also includes a global service outsourcing summit, a leading service outsourcing enterprise forum and a pilot city forum.


Senior Chinese government officials, international strategic outsourcing experts - including leaders of service outsourcing associations from the US, India, Japan and the UK - as well as senior executives from multinational corporations, will all attend the summit.


The key themes of the summit will include trends in global outsourcing, outsourcing strategies during an economic downturn, and the comparative advantages of China over other global out-sourcing destinations.


Government officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other related departments will also outline the country's latest service outsourcing policies at the conference. This will include a breakdown of the raft of tax breaks and subsidies announced by the Chinese government in February in a bid to stimulate growth in the sector.


At the enterprise forum, senior executives from leading domestic and foreign companies in the service outsourcing sectors will give a number of presentations pertinent to current developments. These are scheduled to include the development of the outsourcing industry, current market developments, the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the need for appropriate staff training.


Representatives of the 20 cities, which also include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian and Xi'an, will be present to exchange views and share outsourcing experiences during the two-day event.


McKinsey, the New York-based management consultant firm said, in a report published earlier this year, that despite China's rapid growth in the sector it was still lagging behind India - which currently had a market value some nine times greater than China's. However, the report did hold out some hope and maintained that China still had the potential to become the ultimate market leader.


Companies in Nanjing and throughout China will be looking to make McKinsey's predication a reality with the value of the international service and software outsourcing business expected to hit $1.6 trillion by 2010.