software developers, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, tri state, tri-state,  C#, C++, Asp.Net, .Net
Services and Outsourcing software developers, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, tri state, tri-state,  C#, C++, Asp.Net, .Net
What clients say about Sine Software: “...their ability to understand what we were needing for our product made our experience very pleasurable. Our tight deadlines never compromised the reasonable pricing we were quoted.”

—S. Edwards


Sine Software Technology is a custom software design, development and consulting company. With extensive experience developing Windows Applications, Web/Internet Applications and Handheld/Mobile Applications, we can provide you both economies of scale and economies of skill. Our mission is to deliver high quality software solutions at affordable prices. We help you cut costs, not corners.

All of our custom programs are designed following FDA regulations, DoD, ISO and CMMI standards. We understand how important your software is to the success of your business, therefore we do it right the first time.

Areas Sine Software has experience include: Online Order Entry, Freight/Courier Management, 2D and 3D Image Processing, Geographic Information System, Online Gaming, Financial Education, Online Job Search and Job Application, Motion Control and Manufacturing Automation, Online Video Streaming, Manufacturing Process Management, Equipment Management System, Laboratory Management, and Communication System.

Other industries we serve include education, gaming, medical device, freight management, scientific instrument, food, beverage and tobacco, renewable energy, packaging, material handling, rubber and plastics, paper, printing, textile and woodworking.

We provide quality services during the whole software life cycle to all our clients:

  • Complete (end-to-end) software project design and development.
    • You come up with a concept and we take it from there on, from drafting requirements specification to software design to maintenance;
  • Single stage software development, for example, coding and debugging, or software testing;
  • Software localization or internationalization; and
  • Software project management.

Programming languages we use include C, C++, C#, VC.Net, Asp.Net, Java etc.


Utilize Sine Software Technology's expertise today so that you can concentrate on your core business. Call us to inquire how Sine Software Technology can help with your software outsourcing needs.